Dolphin Heat: another shorter extract


“Grace, I want you to steer us to the end of the new canal, where the houses haven’t been built yet. Can you do that?” I nodded yes, it was one of the common points we went to on our little river cruises. There was a solitary male dolphin there usually. He seemed to hardly ever leave this stretch, maybe venturing out into the main channel for a quick bite to eat. Did she know about him?

I was about to ask her when dad came on the radio, performing one of our standard checks to see if everything was okay. I looked at Dolly as I quickly responded with our position and condition, which were unremarkable, and then turned the radio down so we wouldn’t be disturbed again. She smiled and I melted inside some more. For a few minutes she just stood quietly next to me, helping me to get used to the feeling of her being close, and then she went aft to the ice-chest and downed another bottle of water. This time she drank every last mouthful, except for a little bead of water which left her mouth, dripped down between her breasts, and then slid down her belly. It was one of the most erotic sights that I had ever seen. I trembled with lust, but still I hung onto the wheel and steered the boat. When she had finished she shivered and shook, alerting me to something of her own inner condition. I dared to stare at her fabulous cunt as she stood there with legs parted wide, her labia puffed and spread with inviting excitement, her vagina clearly open and ready with glistening wetness, which was also certainly true for my own.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling and I looked out at the heavy sky which pressed down on us with stifling heat and humidity. Sweat was pouring from my body making my cotton things heavy with damp; my flowing lubricating fluids adding copiously to the moisture between my legs. I was barely aware of anything except the wheel in my hands, the thick curtain of heat hanging upon us, the line of the river ahead of us, and Dolly’s overpowering sexual presence as she stalked around the cabin like a lioness on heat. Even with my confused state, this last comparison didn’t seem right. She was quite different to a slinky feline, her sleekness and playful smile was something else altogether. For a moment I contemplated her as a svelte muscular Labrador, but that was not right either. Any more thoughts about her animal likeness were halted for the moment by the looming passage of the ferry across our path.


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