Kate Gets Marks: the rest of chapter 3

I walked on, and tried to breathe a little more slowly and think calming thoughts. I began to wonder about my family, and what they would be doing at this time. Totally distracted, I instead recalled husband Mark’s last words as I left in the morning: “Have you got any panties on under that short skirt of yours?” He watched me put them on of course, but he had this persistent fantasy notion that I would like to go abroad without underwear. I would never contemplate such a thing as I felt uncomfortable without the feeling of being covered and contained.

Now as I walked I was wondering what it would be like to have the warm air brushing my slightly parted labia. Would it help dry the touch of wetness I felt there, or make it flow even more? Could I manage to keep myself nice as I sat on the hard train seat as a man’s eyes travelled up my thighs? Would I part them a little, and then a little more, to give him a lovely peek at the delightful moist prize between my legs, without a skerrick of hair to block his view?

I let my thoughts take me away, having completely succumbed to my bodily state. Resistance was futile. I examined the many handsome men and pretty woman in front of me as I slinked closer to the station. Most of the men walking in the opposite direction stared at me as they went by, which was nothing unusual of course. What was different this time was that I was staring back at the good looking ones, and imagining what was under their clothes. I had never really been so blatant before in letting my eyes idly wander and linger, and it was quite diverting. Too late I realised that the good-looking man whom I was now ogling was a senior manager from another floor at work. For a moment I worried his reaction to my flagrant staring might be awkward for me later. I was relieved when he just smiled in polite recognition and kept walking by.

I decided I wasn’t going to worry about anything now. I felt horny and it was a great and very powerful feeling. I couldn’t wait to see Mark Two, but before I got on the train I let my thoughts entertain the one thing that I suddenly felt I just must try. It was a little odd to play with this idea, which really came from my husband’s fantasies rather than my own. My complicit sensuous body was suggesting that I try these thoughts on and see what happened.

In no time I was coming out of the railway station toilet and getting on the train; experimenting with the feeling of what it was like to be without panties and stockings. This idea of mine was weird. I felt a mixture of surprise at myself, self-consciousness and erotic exhilaration as I went through the carriage doors, swinging my handbag. The thought of having my slightly moist underwear secreted away inside there, along with my more usual gear, brought a sly smile to my face as I looked around for a seat or a space to stand.

Despite my terrific excitement the fifteen-minute train trip into the city seemed like it was going to be pretty uneventful; the train was just too crowded for any real mischief. I tried to concentrate on keeping myself nice as I brushed against the bored commuters going about their everyday business. I was different today, and in this mood I felt so completely unconstrained that there was nothing ordinary about this trip for me.

After a bit of pushing I found a good spot for myself and tuned into the slight swaying of my body as the train stopped accelerating and settled into a more regular rocking motion. I found myself cocooned by the clacking noise and massed commuters, most of whom seemed to have unsmiling faces and fairly unattractive bodies. Feeling anonymous enough I decided to pass the time by seeing if I could spot any cute man hiding amongst them. I looked over my shoulder and saw an appealing enough man across the carriage from me, youngish with a smiling pleasant face, and lovely blue eyes. Seeing him roguishly staring at my behind with those beautiful eyes of his was more than enough to propel me straight back into one of my wilder imaginings from earlier.

I began to wonder how the scenario might proceed to its next phase when the schoolboy sitting right in front of me started to fidget around and then suddenly stood and pushed past me. I sat down at once and composed myself so that I was sitting just the way I wanted. I could tell the blue-eyed man did not dare blink. I saw and also felt those wide-open eyes tracking up my uncrossed legs, thighs slightly parted, to that moment when his shifting gaze paused. I lanquidly recrossed my legs at this precise moment of transfixion, when it might have been possible for him to see my beautiful and delicious cunt. Now he could not be sure of what he had glimpsed and what was only his imagination. I saw him moistening his lips as he reluctantly raised his eyes to meet mine, knowing that was all he would get from me. It seemed only polite to give him a little smile before looking away from him. Quite conveniently, he got off at the next station.

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