Dolphin Heat extract (about half-way in)


Dolly’s self-control was stronger than mine; she had moved aft, still singing, and was leaning over the stern, giving me a most remarkable view. I guessed from her posture that she was trailing her fingers through the water as she trilled and grunted. I lost myself in watching and listening to her, and somehow navigated the remainder of our journey without any conscious awareness of what I was doing. I felt hypnotised by the heat, and the journey in Dolly’s company. My horniness, the boat, the wheel, the heat, the humidity, the river, and Dolly, had become my entire world. I could hardly see the banks of the canal anymore. Something happened and Dolly moved forward again. Now looking past her I saw the unmistakable and beautiful movement of a large dolphin cutting through the water, leading our way. Behind us, there was a whole pod of dolphins playing and jumping as they followed our boat. I was a little surprised by their almost magical appearance; but I was rapt for Dolly, I wanted her to see what she had come for.

She stood motionless for a little while watching them, and then turned towards me with her playful smile, and called out another direct question. “Grace, have you ever watched dolphins having sex?” I had often seen them doing it and so I nodded yes, working my way up to answering her with words. I decided that the safest way of answering was to simply say what I had observed. “They really seem to enjoy it, but they don’t seem to be able to do it for long. It seems pretty quick to me.” I didn’t know what more to say and just went quiet, waiting for her to say something more, but she was just staring up ahead again.

The dolphin she was looking at was a large male that my parents had often talked about over the last few months. He always seemed to be in this groin of the system, going up and down, and around and around, like he was trapped there, except he wasn’t. This stretch was the last housing development, and there were only the beginnings of some roads and foundations on the nearby banks. We had already passed through the established sections, with large houses and the people who lived in them on both sides, without me even noticing. And both of us were butt naked. I couldn’t understand how we had made it here at all, let alone without being hailed or accosted. It seemed we were cloaked from view, protected and enclosed, in our own little boat world of dolphins, heat, moisture, water, and the suggestion of carnality.

I killed the engines to let us slowly drift. There was no noise for a long moment. As we slowly drifted the moist heat closed in, further blanketing my naked body in dripping sweat. My thinking was muddled, and I had no real understanding of what was going to happen next. Regardless, I was still the mistress of our vessel, and fully responsible for her condition. I forced myself to focus on my next task, not really wanting to interrupt this quiet sojourn of majestic gliding motion. Dolly was standing next to the anchor housing, knowing that I would be making my way there. I untied the chain, and then jumped a little at the sound of the anchor’s large splash into the river. Dolly’s physical presence somehow reassured me in all the strangeness that was pressing in on me. She gave me a wicked smile, and then leapt into the water in an arching dive. For a moment I didn’t know what to do, and then I followed with a less graceful belly-flop.


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