Well it is done. The paperback edition of The Laundromat is now available. This was a salutary exercise for me. First I discovered my error in uploading a draft version which then forced me to review my original erotica publication. I am grateful for that opportunity because now my written words better match with my original intention. I wanted to write something good and provocative. I hope I have succeeded.

Here are my new opening paragraphs. I am afraid there are no prizes for picking up the (subtle?) differences from the original.

What might actually happen to me from our arrangement was still a mystery to me. My thoughts swirled from my unhesitating submission to terms that might expose me to harrowing ordeals. Soaking in my deep bath for half an hour or so, reflecting on our rendezvous arrangement, had not really helped me to understand my thinking. It was enough to know that my complicit body was wildly aroused with expectation. I gently touched myself under the warm water some more, feeling my tingling excitement at the possibility of surrendering myself to either ecstasy or calamity.

A little bewilderingly, I would be submitting my body and will to the whim of a man I hardly knew. A man who I expected might exploit my willing compliance and torment me for his own dubious inclinations. My hope was that by putting myself in his hands that he might expand my sensibilities and magnify my pleasures.

Here is the link if you want to look at it in the bookstore.


I am also very happy to talk to anyone about the process of publishing with  CreateSpace

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