Just a toy – Shawn Price

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She said “I am just a toy. ”

Played with, used, abused and put away after bed time…
She just wants to please and give joy but says “I never get mine”
She does it for one love, ends up with none,
So she feels ashamed and debates on what she has done,
Thinking “Did he like it? Did it take too long or last long enough”
“Why does he never kiss me? He says he loves me but we only do the sexual stuff”
In rotation this play time goes,
She says “I’m just a toy.” Cuz she finally realizes and knows…

She says “I’m just a toy. ”

But she’s tired of games,
She’s tired of the pains…
She just wants to be someone’s gift…
She’s just tired of being played with,
She wants to be a real girl with a real boy…
But she is just a…

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By Ronnie Strong

Ronnie came to writing fine erotica via his studies and career in professional writing. He grew up in East Doncaster, during the sixties and seventies. Ronnie then lived in student share houses in Fitzroy during the 1980s. He moved further north in Melbourne's suburbs over the years. He also had an interlude in a country town and Melbourne’s inner western suburbs. He is now very settled in a little pocket of Reservoir near La Trobe University. That is where he completed his PhD. Ronnie is a working parent with young children. His day job as a policy officer with a government department is a bit of a distraction, but does pay the bills. Ronnie loves music and has been a David Bowie fan all his life. He follows the Sydney Swans AFL football club. He also like reading and great movies and television series.

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