I am currently working on Part 2 of Kate Gets Marks. 
This is my draft opening few paragraphs. You can be a beta-reader. Any comment?


My husband rolled away not saying a word; instead, snorting his disgust to banish intimacy from our bed. Until that moment I thought we were going to be okay. I wilted where I lay crying, all at once alone and scared for our marriage.

This morning when I got home, amazed rather than ashamed, it had all seemed manageable. Mark had encouraged me to be adventurous and pursue what it was that I wanted from Mark Two. I thought this meant he accepted what I had gone on to do and that we would be okay afterwards. Hoped might have been more accurate. On reflection, I could have anticipated this delayed reaction even though he seemed alright about it this morning.

We had not spoken during the day which sometimes happened without either of us intending it that way. Mark Two did not try to call me either and I did not even think of ringing him. I thought it was because we were all busy at work. From the way my husband turned his back on me now it seemed the adage about the cold light of day applied to us. The cold gap between our warm bodies told me he had rethought his attitude, maybe even his love for me.

My deep love for my husband had not changed. It was as strong and effortless as it ever had been. What had changed for me was accepting this desire bursting from within. When I married Mark and for all the years since I thought monogamy was natural and right for me. Now I fancied another man and this overwhelming urge was not going away. I was not sure how I could even begin to explain my transformation.

I did know the surging love within me was liberating. I wanted to share it with both of the men I desired, not one over the other. The way I thought about love and how it worked had changed for all time. Love added and multiplied; not subtracted and divided. Could the two Marks in my life fathom what this could mean for us? Neither need miss out on anything. They could have everything from me; almost anything at all, within the limits of nicety and decorum of course.

My husband — now so furious — supported me to take the first huge step. I was not pretending I was pushed into last night’s wonderful tryst with Mark Two. I had been the one to jump, eyes wide open, with both Marks watching to see where I would land.

I could now see that it was more of a leap for them than for me. My elaborate fantasies gave me enough clues to know where I was heading. My intentions and bodily desires had been pretty clear. My longings were like a flaming torch burning inside me. Mark Two was both a spark and a hydrant for my scorching lust problem. Ignoring it and trying to abstain was never going to pacify this hot fire. Quenching it with an uninhibited flood of passion was the only possible thing left to do.

2 Comments on “Kate Gets Marks, Part 2, draft opening paragraphs

  1. Oh no! I was hoping the husband was going to be supportive and realise that Kate would be on this emotional roller coaster after her 1st poly tryst. For me it was all about dealing with her NRE. It meant taking a leap of faith. She needed time and space. It required me to take more responsibility for children and house work. But this extra effort was the price one pays for your beliefs. And the infatuation or novelty doesn’t last forever. This, I believe, is the battle ground for gender equality. This is where our social norms collide with our non-monogamous nature. What a story it would be if you could show how it could work out!

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