that look between two people

We all know that feeling you get.


The recognition of an urgent feeling you weren’t necessarily expecting. Lust.

It can happen at the beach, on a stairway or at a supermarket. Anywhere.

You might be in a committed relationship or not. Does not matter.

It happens.That moment you look at someone and feel the strong flood of attraction.

They could be the love of your life but you will never know because the moment must pass while your everyday reality resumes.

I  have tried writing several haiku to capture this feeling when eyes briefly meet.

Vote for the one you like best or write your own. Tell me what you think


The look says it all
Not what either expected
Mutual attractions stalks


A pleasant surprise
Unexpected and welcome
Excited lips part


Eyes meet and flicker
Register the attraction
Bringing fleeting pause


Flirting eyes betray
Smiling sudden interest
Just as quickly gone

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