I have been in a frenzy of editing for the last month. I finished major writing for my sequel to Kate Gets Marks. Finishing those 40 000 words helped me realise my writing style has changed over the last two years. I looked back at The Laundromat and could not leave it alone. It represents my writing. I am proud of my ideas and verve in that first book, but it looked dated to me. If I had of known that I was going to do a major revision I would have stopped right there. I wanted to preserve the original story line, the characters and narrative, but make it an easy read. My writing can be too formal. I am getting better at writing every day,and I have a way to go yet, I want to give my readers pleasure, and not have me get in the way of a good story.

The Laundromat is still overloaded with sex. People like that, not everyone, especially people looking for a more conventional romance story. My writing is erotica, so it is meant to have lots of sex. As Petra recalls, ‘Nothing exceeds like excess’.

I hope readers like what I have done. I have had a range of reviews. One person said my book should not have been accepted by Kindle as it was pure porn. I think that was a bit harsh. Tell me what you think, please. I will update the samples here as soon as possible. The revised edition should be in all the bookstores over the next few days.

Now it is back to KGM II again.

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