“I need you here right now. Bring a friend. I am frisky”

Was I serious?

How long before he heard my message. What then?

What if he does do it and she is a girl? What if he is some guy he just met?

I sat back.

Better get ready. A bath.

My sweet cunt needed a rest before he …? They? Got here.

The hot water did not soothe the fire inside. It burned in me.

I thought about it for a while.

I wanted this. He better not come alone.

Someone who knows nothing about me. Someone exciting.

We can kiss and fuck and kiss and fuck.

He can watch.

I want her fingers exploring, her tongue higher.

I want this guy’s prick searching out my throbbing ache.

They can have all of me and then tell me how sweet and dirty I am.

Then he can join in. Maybe. After a while.

Would he do it?

He will not have me if he comes alone.

I might suck his dick, and then stop.

Tell him to go out on the street and find someone if he wants more.

Hurry sweetheart. I want to meet your friend.


copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong

licensed image

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