This is my first attempt at a sonnet.

Let me know if you like it, it’s a Christmas present for my followers

You lie there all crumpled, oozing spent lust
Not done yet, smiling you tell me ‘Again!’
Hoping for this anyway, now I must
Lower my mouth and feast where you still flow
My lips soon nuzzle, fingers follow down
Happy to seek out your deepest pleasure
A moment to pause, breathe, before I drown
Now lost in this soft land of silk and fur 
Loud moans, then buck and crash into my tongue
Riding with you not letting go, you shake,
More shudders, shrieks, shivers, our singing sung
Enough now? Our puddle spreads like a lake
Softly hear from between still throbbing thighs
‘Can we go once more?’  Pulls my head down.  Sighs.
upper body of beautiful naked woman lying down on wooden floor

sonnet copyright 2022 Ronnie F Stron

image copyright 2012 Piotr Marcinski

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