Welcome to the Ronnie Strong website. I am an author and publisher of fine erotic stories and haiku. My published books are Dolphin Heat Tamed, Sex and Other Truths, Kate Gets Marks and The Laundromat.

You can read about my books on the different pages here. You will also find links to popular book stores where you can read free large samples of my stories. If you like what you read you can buy my books in all popular formats, including paperback. You can also download a large PDF sample found here on each of my book pages.

I write explicit erotic stories, dealing with many contemporary issues. These stories are for sensual women and men. The content of this blog and my books are not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen years of age. These are also not suitable for anyone who does not like reading graphic descriptions of sex.

Dolphin Heat Tamed is my latest paperback. It is a fantasy told in prose, haiku and images. Sex and Other Truths is a collection of my most liked haiku. The Laundromat was my first published work. Readers say they now wonder what might be going on inside every laundromat they go past. Kate Gets Marks, is a fictional story based on a significant relationship of mine. This story explores polyamory and the role of sexual fantasy in everyday life.

Most of my blog posts are haiku based on the themes of my books.

You will enjoy my books and this blog if you like fine writing and exploring love, lust and self-discovery.

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