Category: erotica

Sex and Other Truths, p. 42

this new life of mine –
started with your gift of love –
pouring over me


whatever happens – never forget this moment – when I first had you


know you wanted this – me powerless to resist – well works for me too


I need to see you now –
have a thing we need to do –
please come right over

no standing area

so what do you think – we just stand around and talk– when we both want more?

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku #16

I offer myself-
let me move with your power-
bring down love and joy


– have you in my sights– I’m gonna gonna get you – and eat you all up –


– not a magic trick –
– you pulled from under a hat–
– come have the real thing –

Sex and Other Truths, p. 8

– do I have to beg –
-or just get down on my knees –
-to answer your prayers –

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku #8

beautiful woman-
glorious and sensuous –
got my attention


– I am in your hands– giving you control helps me– discover myself –


– thoughts slide away – surrender myself to you – sink into pleasure –