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is so into me does not stop me from knowing when it is over


anything happened?

Been away for a while. Writing has had to come second for a long time now one day

Sex and Other Truths, p. 68

lying all crumpled – unmoving from where we loved – one last parting look

Sex and Other Truths, p. 42

this new life of mine –
started with your gift of love –
pouring over me

Sex and Other Truths, p. 8

– do I have to beg –
-or just get down on my knees –
-to answer your prayers –

Sex and Other Truths, p. 72

– thinking is one thing–
– following through, doing it–
– means no going back –

Sex and Other Truths, p. 76

– you remember me–
– your momentary fancy?–
– a shame you missed out –


– very exciting – knowing you’re waiting for me – all ready to go –

Sex and Other Truths, p. 78

– it sneaks up on you–
– moment where you feel tied down –
– someone’s property –


– this peaceful moment  – here before the coming storm – letting it all go –

Sex and Other Truths, p. 86

– offering union–
– reaching out and giving up–
– love showering down –


– though no longer young – my wealth of experience – brings its benefits –