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–– my aim in this life  – – be the best me I can be – –  with the help out there –

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong


–– journey awakens– – our spiritual path is joy – – a work of wonder–

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong


-you are a new you- -when the mystery is gone- -find comfort in that- haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong by nigerfoxy –


the dead are selfish they forego all suffering we are left to mourn haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong by kamchatka –

Stories for telling


Spread your bared boughs wide In silhouette on blue sky Past grey reflection

Rain brings out the white-eyed haiku

Busy in drizzle Feast white-eyed honey eater Hungry in the rain White-eyed Honeyeater – Phylidonyris novaehollandiae Top photo taken in Ronnie’s backyard in December 2008. Lower photo taken a few days ago in front yard. Seems to have grown stronger and found a mate as there were two this time, which is reassuring for all of us who may seem bedraggled or white-eyed at times.  

self preservation

Rise disappointment Eros lost fades to nothing Hollow empty space


Heads close on pillow Talk together, more later Slowly words heal hearts


I am currently on retreat, writing the sequel to Kate Gets Marks. Only problem is I have been a bit distracted by photography . Haiku: I found Willow trees In Ballarat the sun shone On a lovely day

Australian Artificial Eye Services

one of my favorite buildings, Ruckers Hill, High St, Northcote

Byron Bay lighthouse

as I have said previously, sometime a lighthouse is just a lighthouse. These should not be confused with laundromats