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each day stretching out long way away from it all everything easy haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong image by Jevgeni Mironov, Yay Images

thanks Shakespeare

through a glass darkly a happiness bystander gladness or envy haiku (c) copyright Ronnie F Strong image by Photographer Morozova Tatiana, used with permission

should I

Should I, shouldn’t I? I like them, they seem nice, but will they treat me good?

time travel

Kissing you is like …


love the way you move how you shake, shimmer and sway taking me away


– eventually – the crying stops, the pain ends – you learn to forget –


– what lies before you– abundance of love and joy– if you are open –


– how you affect me – is hard to put into words – let’s just say, way cool –


– just sit back, relax– let me show you how I like– amusing myself –


– goodbyes too hard – take silent leave, underneath – countdown next hello –


– I read up on you – found out all there is to know – for our own sequel –


– what you see in me – eludes examination – my loving witness –