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one day

always thought we would catch up one day and forgive robbed at your graveside


only one answer yes, we both want the same thing no stopping us now


found your happy place flowing with goddess glory reigning on my throne


nothing stays the same

stay well, read books

best of days

late blooming boomer born in nineteen-fifty-eight these are the best days haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong

Sex and other truths: a preview

I have published a collection of some of my most loved haiku. Here is a preview.  

Sex and other truths

out now, in paperback only. Available through Amazon and other good bookstores A collection of Ronnie Strong’s most liked haiku on the themes of desire, love and life. This is a selection of erotic and poignant poems for sensual adults. These haiku examine the moods, thoughts and feelings aroused by our erotic nature. Ronnie invites you to join in this investigation, … Read More Sex and other truths


Originally posted on Teachers Have Sex:
As Livvy did such an ace job writing a doctor parody, I thought I’d take a crack at writing an education parody for EuphOff!  It feels a bit more lilac than purple, but it is full of absolutely terrible puns.  I’m not actually entering the contest because I also have the exact same toys to give away and am…


Why do we say fall For her? In love? Why fallen? When we soar so high? Haiku and photo copyright Ronnie Strong

Welcome To Lou’s Luscious Book Blog!!

Source: Welcome To Lou’s Luscious Book Blog!!


– thank you divine source – this life gift, feeling the love – in all creation –