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Recommendation when you see beauty, admire notice it in you haiku copyright 2022 Ronnie F Strong image used with permission


it was a kindness when you gave me the blow-off the cliché, found my wings haiku copyright 2022 Ronni F Strong image copyright 2009 Junglefrog Images


took me by surprise how you got my head spinning now make me shiver haiku copyright 2021 Ronnie F Strong image used with permission


come in, close the door you will perform a big part in this private show


my idea of fun helping you reach such a state your words lose to moans haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong


you say trust in us Can I be sure of you? Me? there is no telling

one day

always thought we would catch up one day and forgive robbed at your graveside


only one answer yes, we both want the same thing no stopping us now


found your happy place flowing with goddess glory reigning on my throne


nothing stays the same

stay well, read books

best of days

late blooming boomer born in nineteen-fifty-eight these are the best days haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong