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What Else I Want

What Else I Want.

Kate Gets Marks extract: start of chapter two

2. Deciding Trying to meet up with Mark Two to make sure of my intentions wasn’t that easy. Work, studies and my family already involved a lot of juggling. Getting my period meant I had to cancel the first night I managed to synchronise with Mark Two as I didn’t want to inflict my touch of moodiness upon him. The next earliest time I … Read More Kate Gets Marks extract: start of chapter two

The Good Bits

another 1000ish word extract from The Laundromat

The extract below is the end of Chapter Six. The main character, Petra meets Melita:  … That she felt out of place in this hedonistic establishment was obvious to me, but there was also a hint of a natural inquisitiveness, even a longing, about her. While overall she seemed to want to project a fairly conservative inclination, I could detect a willingness to move … Read More another 1000ish word extract from The Laundromat

Vanessa de Largie

Feeling generous: get Dolphin Heat for free

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Ronnie Strong: Kate Gets Marks

You can check me out at Little Raven, publishers of erotic fiction. You will notice it is the original cover on the front of KGM