Dolphin Heat

Almost everyone is staying away from the boats and jetty river-cruise businesses. The tourists are finding the day too hot and humid.  A beautiful woman surprises Grace who is working in her parents’ jetty office. The woman asks Grace to take her on a cruise to find dolphins. Grace Ppputs aside her uncertainty and agrees. The woman’s strange beauty and uninhibited behaviour tantalises Grace as they journey up the river. Their joint excitement increases when dolphins start following them. A dreamlike-state descends over the boat, the women aboard and the river around them. Grace follows the strange woman’s erotic lead. She joins her in an exotic boundary-crossing experience.

You can download the entire story for free using the PDF link below

dolphin heat web edition Sep13

Dolphin Heat is not available at book stores, apart from Smashwords,
for content censorship reasons.

If you would like to pay for the story you can use the paypal service.

Dolphin Heat donation

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‘beautiful woman’ cover image used with permission, copyright (c) friday,

Links to Smashwords ebook store for free download

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