Kate Gets Marks I&II

This is a fictional true-life story of Kate, a married and middle-aged mother of two children. She has been busy juggling family and career. Kate has not been much interested in sex for many years, despite her strong love for her husband, Mark.

After this long absence, the return of her sexual desire delights her. More troubling is the romantic attraction she has for a work colleague, also named Mark. Disturbed by her thoughts, she tells her husband of her yearnings, which she is finding hard to resist. With her husband’s understanding, Kate begins exploring where her desires may lead.

The changes in Kate have a profound affect upon the people around her. The unpredictable reactions of the two Marks in her life are challenging for her too. It soon becomes complicated. What begins happening in her life also leads to unforeseen possibilities. Everyone involved has to adjust to the changes in her and what they want for themselves.

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Relaxed Reads Review of KGMI, 11 March 2014

My 4* Review-

This review proved to be a challenge for me, as I have never reviewed a book of this genre before, but here goes…

In Kate Gets Marks we meet Kate, she is happily married and in love with her husband Mark. Kate has found that the monotony of everyday life; work, stress and having children; have had an effect on her libido, and she has a serious lack of desire for making love to her husband.

However, Kate has found that she has become increasingly attracted to a man at work, his name; Mark! Kate refers to this Mark as Mark two. Kate tells her husband Mark about her feelings and thoughts surrounding Mark two. Hubby Mark encourages her to explore her feelings and desires for this other man; even though he loves Kate to bits, All he asks is that Kate tells him what is happening before she does anything and afterwards too.

The outcome… You’ll have to read it for yourself.

In real life I cannot under any circumstances condone cheating in any form. To me if you are married/or with someone you love then there should be no one else, maybe I’m a little old fashioned like that, or maybe its just because I’ve experienced someone cheating on me, I’m not sure.

However, I understand that things like this do happen in the real world. I can see that there will be people both male and female that can relate to the characters.

Kate seems genuinely confused about her feelings; which is something I think most people can relate to in some way shape or form; she also comes across as being unsure of what her husband Mark is trying to tell her at the start. I like the way Kate is very descriptive, both in terms of the thoughts and the way her body is feeling, this descriptive characteristic is always present before, during and after any events that take part in Kate’s life.

Husband Mark seems to be genuinely understanding of Kate’s feelings, all he asks of Kate is that she is completely honest with him. He encourages Kate to explore her feelings for this other Mark, and only asks that she keeps him informed of how she thinks and feels. Mark appears to be very trusting of Kate and very secure within their relationship. Who knows Hubby Mark may even see some benefit from Kate exploring this desire, but again You will have to read the book for yourself to find out!

Ronnie has written the book really well, he has been respectful to both male and females, and has considered the feelings of the characters involved. Kate Gets Marks is well paced there are no boring parts. Its a great quick and easy read for when you want something a little spicy. The length of the book is right especially as there is to be a book 2.


This review is copyright Louise Hands, Relaxed Reads

2 Comments on “kate gets marks

  1. KGM a brilliant read. Confusion is Sex!
    Looking forward to the sizzling sequel.

    • Thank you. It is on its way. I might post an excerpt from the sequel in the next day or two. Look out for it and tell me what you think.

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