not here in public

for what we both have in mind

need some privacy

A couple flirting on a quaint street in France, Europe


is so into me

does not stop me from knowing

when it is over

woman half smiling and man smiling


love the way you move

how you shake, shimmer and sway

taking me away

image of woman's lower body with reflection in water


come in, close the door

you will perform a big part

in this private show

Young gorgeous brunette in sexy lingerie posing. Boudoir portraiture with image effects added.


my idea of fun

helping you reach such a state

your words lose to moans

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong


you say trust in us

Can I be sure of you? Me?

there is no telling

Pretty young Caucasian woman sitting on bed wearing nightgown.

one day

always thought we would

catch up one day and forgive

robbed at your graveside

a faded rose between the pages of an open book


only one answer

yes, we both want the same thing

no stopping us now

photo of couple in love


found your happy place

flowing with goddess glory

reigning on my throne


nothing stays the same

desire, love, intimacy

go easy, go hard



first a fluttering

throbbing grows, rising upward

wracking and moaning


anything happened?

Been away for a while.

Writing has had to come second for a long time now

one day