Kate Gets Marks extract: chapter 3, start

3. Preparing

The two weeks I had to wait before I could finally meet with Mark Two after work went quickly enough. Husband Mark had plenty of warning and seemed completely unconcerned, despite his knowing how much I was lusting, and what it was that I wanted. I didn’t really understand his attitude to my desires, but whenever I asked him why he wasn’t worried for us he said he trusted in our love.

Jane, my best friend at work, was thrilled that I was finally going to go out with Mark Two, whom she had known for twenty years. She was adamant that I should fuck him. Over the last few months, I had told her about my growing lust and she thought we would be good for each other. I didn’t have to ask her if they were ever lovers; she would have told me all about it by now.

The people closest to me seemed to think that I should have sex with Mark Two, yet I still wondered if it were the wisest thing to do. I already had enough complications in my life without adding more drama. I already got all the sex I wanted; my husband loved making sure that I wasn’t missing out. On the other hand, the idea of deep intimacy with Mark Two was an incredibly exhilarating idea. I was fairly certain I would not be having sex with him tonight; although for me now it was only a matter of preparing for the right time and place. How else could I resolve the strong yearnings that kept overwhelming me? I was way past the point where pretending these feelings weren’t real was going to work. I couldn’t just forget about how I felt either.

I looked at my darling husband in the mirror and wondered if he somehow sensed these changes in me before I had become fully conscious of them. He was watching me get dressed for work with his most impish grin on his face. I was going straight from work to my night out with Mark Two, so I was really getting dressed for that. I spun around and let my husband fully take in the lovely outfit I had just put on. He wanted to grope me of course, and I indulged him just a little before saying goodbye to the kids and rushing out the door to catch the bus. I needed to get to the office quickly so that I could leave before five and meet up with Mark Two at the bar near his building while it was still early. Our date, to use the term a little loosely, was going to finish at seven-thirty as he was helping out his brother afterwards. While this possibly wasn’t ideal for my purposes it was either meet tonight or wait another week. I needed to see him without any further delay, especially as I had cancelled our last two arrangements.

My working day went quickly, with many phone calls and follow-up details to keep me busy. Now I was looking in the mirror and preparing myself in the bathroom on my floor. It took me a moment to realise I was applying make-up, a rare thing for me. I got my long brown hair styled earlier in the week and now I watched myself tying it up in a simple bun, going for demure again. My eyes were wide open and bright with excitement. I looked pretty damn good for a middle-aged mother of two. As I studied myself on the outside I also did a little mental-state inventory and noted I hadn’t been nervous for even one moment during the day. I was ready to go and do some serious flirting, if not more.

When I left the bathroom Jane bumped into me, having made it her business to grace me with a final lewd comment. She stood back from me, and looked me up and down in my black pleated skirt, low cut top, heels and stockings. I laughed aloud when she wolf-whistled before speaking. “Darling Kate, you are giving out only one message looking so hot like that and Mark will know as soon as he sees you!” She looked me up and down once again before rushing on to share her views on my appearance with me. “You know what your clothes are saying loud and clear? I want to fuck you! That is what you are saying to him dressing up like that for him honey, and he will get the message loud and clear. What happens next will be up to you; he won’t dare resist!” Then she rushed over with a wicked smile and hugged me. “I am so proud of you Mrs Prim Straight-Laced.”

I was a little taken aback because I thought I was looking smart and sexy rather than racy. I could only laugh at her mischievous opinions, and backhanded compliment. No doubt, she was winding me up a little as her way of sharing in the occasion. Well, I wanted to look hot, and I knew that I had succeeded; so she was right about that. Her other observations were funny, so I just laughed again and kissed her good bye. “Tell me all about it tomorrow,” she sang out after me as I got into the lift. “Not likely,” I replied as the lift doors closed. I was now officially on my way to my first date as an attractive enough, possibly adulterous, definitely confused, married woman. Anything seemed possible.

As I pushed through busy Puckle Street to get to the train I felt different to my usual self, even a little wild. I became increasingly aroused and wanted men to look at me and lust after me, especially the handsome ones. The evening sun was still shining brightly and all my senses were elevated. My nipples were ruby hard and I could feel them poking through my sexy lacy bra, disconcertingly obvious through the thin fabric of my low-cut top. The brash suggestiveness of my breasts in this moment was like nothing I had felt before, or at least for a very long time. With each step and sway of my behind, a silent roar of stimulation washed over me from the little kisses of arousal springing from my vulva, amplified by the gentle torment of my breasts as they swished and beckoned. My whole body was telling me I felt attractive, ready and prepared for anything.

Kate Gets Marks extract: the rest of chapter two

Despite my own conclusions, I really needed a careful response from my husband to help me stop feeling so overwhelmed. He had no way of knowing what was going on in my head, but he could see that I was overwrought, and spoke gently. “Honey, I love you very much, and if you really want to fuck with Mark, then I think you should do it.” He paused for a moment, like he was carefully choosing his words, then he smiled and continued. “I don’t think it would be fair of me to hold you to being only mine, like you were somehow my property. You are very sexy and very hot and I love that, and everything else about you. I am not worried that you will run out of love for me.”

He paused to gauge my reaction to what he had said so far. For some reason, which I didn’t really understand, I wasn’t in the mood for making it any easier on him, and I gave him nothing. He would just have to say what he wanted to say, and get it right, without any clues from me. Seeing that he wasn’t going to get any help from me, he continued. “If you feel a passionate desire to be with him then you probably need to go with it. Just keep talking to me about what is going on for you so I know you aren’t going behind my back.” It seemed he was now finished because he gave me a funny looking smile.

It was a good try. My heart wanted to melt, because I could see these words were hard for him to say. Sadly though, all the confusion I felt from everything I was thinking and imagining ran right over my compassion. “Hmm, so you think I want to fuck Mark, and because you think I want to fuck Mark you think I just should. What if I wanted to fuck every man at work? What if I wanted to fuck the postman! Would that be okay with you too?”

I wasn’t sure why I was getting so angry with Mark, but it was hard to stop now that I had got going. Fortunately, instead of yelling back at me, Mark gently put his arms around me and held me close. Then he kissed me sweetly behind my ear and down my neck. It was a very loving gesture. I was also grateful that he didn’t try and grope me like he often did when I really needed to be properly held and hugged. It felt to me like he was trying very hard to be a loving husband, and that could only be good, but I wasn’t done with yelling at him yet. “You think I am like you and want to fuck every attractive person I see? You think I am suddenly crazy about sex, just because I told you that I feel a bit attracted to Mark?”

My husband kept holding me firmly and began stroking my head gently, in the way that he knew I found soothing. Then he spoke softly in my ear. “Darling Kate, I love you. Please don’t be angry about how you are feeling. Answer this question: do you want to fuck the postman?” I had calmed down a lot and looked at him through slowly welling tears and shook my head no.

“Do you want to fuck all the men at work?” I wiped my eyes, and gave him the most serious look I could manage before answering. “Not all at once; perhaps in groups of five.” We both laughed; then he asked the question that I was half dreading. “Do you want to fuck Mark?”

I smiled, kissed him, and began to really start crying. Mark just kept stroking my hair and after a minute or so I could look him in the eye again and nod my head yes. He replied immediately, his tone soothing. “It’s alright darling. If that’s what you need to do, you can do that. Everything will be okay — we will be okay — and you will know something more about yourself. That can only be good.”

I couldn’t say anything so I just kissed him. Although I no longer felt aroused I wanted to fuck my husband to let him know I still loved him, but he was already getting dressed for the day. I realised that it was actually quite late for us, and so joined him in the business of getting ready for work. It had been a tumultuous start to the day; after making this decision what was now different and what was normal? I wasn’t sure if I wanted things to speed up or slow down, it was all very confusing.


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Kate Gets Marks extract: start of chapter two

2. Deciding

Trying to meet up with Mark Two to make sure of my intentions wasn’t that easy. Work, studies and my family already involved a lot of juggling. Getting my period meant I had to cancel the first night I managed to synchronise with Mark Two as I didn’t want to inflict my touch of moodiness upon him. The next earliest time I could organise with him for us to meet was some weeks later; only for me to fall ill with such a bad cold that I couldn’t contemplate leaving the house when the day finally arrived.

The erotic energy that took over my mind and body during these frustrating weeks was exhausting. I became fixated on the idea of having sex with Mark Two, even though most of the time I still considered this an open question, rather than a definite plan. I really enjoyed the great sex I was having with husband Mark, and probably more than usual. I wasn’t quite yet at the point where I fantasised that it was Mark Two inside me, but such thoughts did sometimes cross my mind during our love making.

I didn’t tell my husband of these preoccupations, but one time after I had got over my cold he flat out asked me if I was thinking of the other Mark as we fucked. “Not really,” I half lied, adding that I was more interested in thinking about talking and flirting with Mark than anything else, which was also only half true. I am not sure why, but this response drove Mark wild and he thrust into me harder and faster than ever.

I still wondered what was going on in my husband’s head so in this heated moment I once again asked him to explain why he thought I should have sex with another man. “Because I love you my darling, and because you are so beautiful,” he replied, before groaning into orgasm behind me. I focussed on the feeling of warmth from his presence still deep within me, and his words of just a moment ago, and joined him in wonderful ecstasy.

In another short moment we were lying snuggled together, enjoying the deep togetherness of our love and pleasure. For once, I didn’t make a quick grab for tissues, and instead tried to ignore the uncomfortable oozing wetness between my legs that usually distracted me. This time, I just let myself luxuriate in the wonderful feeling of shared intimacy. What could be better than this? Was I somehow putting this wonderful feeling of closeness in jeopardy? Mark stirred slightly to wiggle his body closer against me, crossing his arm around me to cup my lower left breast.

I shrank as he touched my very sensitive nipple then delighted in the lovely feeling of being held by him. In a flash, my lust and arousal was soaring so quickly and strongly that I found myself pleading with Mark to please lick me. He immediately flipped himself around and had his tongue deep within me. It felt delightful. Then he was sucking, nibbling and flicking, and that was just perfect too.

After enjoying this wonderful attention for a few minutes, and feeling incredibly aroused and wickedly naughty, I decided to see what might be the amorous effect of some gentle teasing. “Do you want Mark to be doing this to me darling, fucking and licking me like this?” Mark stopped what he was doing and looked up at me from between my thighs, his face glistening. His expression shifted between a smirk and an enigmatic smile. “Of course, if you would like that my dear.” He moved his whole body upwards, indicating that his wonderful pleasing of me with his mouth had finished. At once I regretted what I had said, thinking he was stopping. As he knelt higher I saw his very hard erection. “You think he will please you like I do?” grunted my very turned-on husband.

“No need to make it into a dick-waving contest,” I replied demurely, faking it. He smiled at me, knowing that even jokes aside the whole thing had got a bit silly. Regardless, he was completely unable to contain his excitement; anyway, neither could I! Just going with it, I focussed on the lovely feeling of him moving slowly inside me after his quick entry. I matched his efforts with little tilts and thrusts of my pelvis and hips, as we built towards another wonderful climax. After a quick kiss and rearranging of the sheets and doona we both fell asleep; the issue of my having sex with Mark Two still unsettled, but perhaps even closer to getting the go-ahead.

It was morning, and before I was fully conscious of what I was saying or doing I had a burning question for my husband: “Mark, why do you want me to fuck Mark?” I had woken up from a night filled with dreams of wonderful erotic intimacy with Mark Two. These were the most sexual dreams of my life, and my whole body was flushed with arousal. I could still feel him pulsing inside me, his groans matching my moans, and I had tasted his semen exploding in my mouth. The vivid erotic images of the dream quickly faded, but the powerful lingering consciousness of what I enjoyed in my dreams left me bewildered and uncertain.

My thoughts were spinning and my whole body was quivering with excitement. I couldn’t decide whether these incredibly sensuous feelings and real seeming images were simply delightful imaginings, memories of something that actually happened, or even somehow a prophesising of what would inevitably happen?

I understood my demanding question of my husband was actually directed at myself, already knowing the answer. I couldn’t pretend that I was being pushed into anything. I would pursue having a sexual relationship with Mark Two because this was what I wanted. Whether this would actually happen was really only up to him now.

The Good Bits

another 1000ish word extract from The Laundromat

The extract below is the end of Chapter Six. The main character, Petra meets Melita: 

That she felt out of place in this hedonistic establishment was obvious to me, but there was also a hint of a natural inquisitiveness, even a longing, about her. While overall she seemed to want to project a fairly conservative inclination, I could detect a willingness to move outside her usual comfort zone of shyness and reserve. I guessed that like me she was gifted with an abundance of sensuality, and was still engaged in a struggle with her natural desires. Straight away I realised that we would be friends, and that her accustomed self-control and denial wouldn’t survive her developing a friendship with me.

She politely waited for me to finish taking her in, then told me her name was Melita. I tried to kiss her on the cheek, in a sisterly kind of way, but as I leaned forward she shrank away from me. It was one of those awkward moments that used to completely unsettle me. Now though, I wasn’t too perturbed and so I just introduced myself as I showed her how we would go about organising our breakfast.

I found and paid for myself and then looked for her name and image. When she came up on the display there was no cavorting image. It was simply a snippet of her taken as she entered the building. The console also informed that she was the guest of Harry. He would be paying. I entered a light breakfast for her, like mine. “Melita,” I said, “I will try to explain what this place is and help you find your way around if you like. First, you must have some breakfast with me.” I asked her what happened to Harry as I gently guided her across the room. I wanted to hear her story, but I also needed to eat. She was obviously hungry too. I began to feel very cross with Harry, and was quite sure that he should suffer some consequence for his lack of consideration.

She looked at me, her eyes wide and uncertain. “Everyone here is having sex! I have never seen such goings on before. Is that why you are here too?” I nodded yes, it was pointless denying it. If anything, she looked a little less worried at my frank admission. I patted her on the hand and told her that no one would force her to do anything, and that she could of course leave at any time. I paused for a moment to let her think about it, and then asked her if she wanted to eat with me. She answered by striding purposefully towards the breakfast counter. I pointed to show her I was going to the toilet first.

When I got back she had already started piling up two trays with different juices, cereals, and soy milk. Like me, she wanted a huge freshly made coffee from the automatic espresso machine. We were both in a hurry to eat and I was happy with her choice of healthy convenient foods, rather than dithering with a more lavish meal. I was beginning to feel tired, and apologised for not being very good company, and for her morning not being what she might have expected. She smiled and said she was grateful for my assistance and concern.

We sat at a table and ate in silence for a little while. The coffee was good and strong and long. I wolfed down a huge bowl of muesli topped with creamy smooth Greek-style yoghurt. It was a happy coincidence. I got up and got myself another coffee, a strong short black. After I had sat down again I began to wonder if I would have the energy to resume my half-forgotten quest for the pleasure of another hard cock this morning. I must have sighed or something because Melita looked at me and apologised for interrupting my plans. I shushed her and told her that my own plans for the morning could wait, and that I would soon be going to bed after a long night of working. She blushed furiously, and I realised that she thought I was a prostitute, who had just finished her sex work for the night. I shook my head, trying to convey that she hadn’t quite understood my circumstances. But where to begin with explaining? I told her I had finished my nursing hospital night shift and asked her how she had got here.

She sighed, sipped on her coffee and told me how Harry had brought her to this room only to be called away to some kind of medical emergency. It seemed she had only met him the night before, dancing at the Conga Room in Smith Street Fitzroy, and they had agreed to meet for breakfast at a place he knew. Well I could see why he was interested, and brought her to our establishment. She was beautiful, and obviously close to flowering. I told her that I would find Harry for her, but that she might like to consider all her options. She blushed cutely.

Before anything else, she deserved an overview of our club, and the chance to get answers to the flood of questions I knew would follow. But I was tired, and I had not forgotten what I wanted before I retired to sleep upstairs. Harry would have to handle this. I explained that I would love to catch up with her another time, but that I would have to get a staff member to assist her. I noticed that she wasn’t running out the door, and that by the time we had finished eating she seemed to have relaxed into an intrigued wait-and-see attitude. Good, I thought. I will be seeing you again.

Back at the console I touched the icon for summoning a staff member and waited with her. Before long a handsome young man in the club uniform was asking Melita how he could help her. I could see that being in the Laundromat for an hour or so had already begun to have an effect on her. She was flicking her hair back and flirting with him. Good for you I thought; but, the staff were off limits, or they would never get any work done. A little to my surprise, as I went to leave her, she rushed over to me and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek and asked me if she would see me again. I nodded yes, and kissed her back on both cheeks, before striding out the door. Clearly, with a little more induction, she was going to fit right in. 

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