Sex and other truths

out now, in paperback only. Available through Amazon and other good bookstores Sex_and_other_truths_Cover A collection of Ronnie Strong’s most liked haiku on the themes of desire, love and life. This is a selection of erotic and poignant poems for sensual adults. These haiku examine the moods, thoughts and feelings aroused by our erotic nature. Ronnie invites you to join in this investigation, alone or in in the company of someone close to you.
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My next work, and you are invited

My next release

I have started my new work of erotica, Fantasies, to be released in mid-2017. It will be made up of short pieces exploring  the following themes, with sexier titles:

Stranger sex

He pays her for sex Him on her oral sex
Group sex, many women She pays him for sex Her on him oral sex
Group sex, many men MFF threesome Ejaculating on her
Sex with friend MMF threesome Masturbating him
Dominating him Strap-on with her Masturbating her
Ravaging her Strap-on with him Sex in public
Watching her She has forced sex Sex on cruise
Watching him He has forced sex
Sex on holiday

You are invited too

I am inviting submissions from my readers for a companion collection, edited and published by me.

Your submissions must be an original unpublished work, relating to one of the themes.

I am looking for writing showing the reader what the characters are experiencing, feeling and thinking, while engaged in consensual adult sexual activity.

Provide me with what yo...

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Frisky – flash fiction

“I need you here right now. Bring a friend. I am frisky” Was I serious? How long before he heard my message. What then? What if he does do it and she is a girl? What if he is some guy he just met? I sat back. Better get ready. A bath. My sweet cunt needed a rest before he ...? They? Got here. The hot water did not soothe the fire inside. It burned in me. I thought about it for a while. I wanted this. He better not come alone. Someone who knows nothing about me. Someone exciting. We can kiss and fuck and kiss and fuck. He can watch. I want her fingers exploring, her tongue higher. I want this guy’s prick searching out my throbbing ache. They can have all of me and then tell me how sweet and dirty I am. Then he can join in. Maybe. After a while. Would he do it? He will not have me if he comes alone. I might suck his dick, and then stop. Tell him to go out on the street and find someone if he wants more. Hurry sweetheart. I want to meet your friend.   copyr...
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Extract from work-in-progress: Kate Gets Marks sequel


Here are nearly 1000 words from the middle of my work-in-progress to date.

If you would like to help me out by doing some beta reading please get in touch.
Your comments below also very welcome
I began to wonder if I might have developed a little bit of a compulsion. My fantasies used to be pure make-believe. They were what they were meant to be; fictional creations of my mind intended only for my entertainment or to pass the time. Now it seemed when I had a fantasy that before too long I would end up acting out some of its key elements. I hoped this wasn’t being disrespectful, but the two Marks had become a little interchangeable for me too as I swapped between imagination and reality. Yesterday I had fantasised about making love with Mark Two in a park. Some of what transpired between my husband and I last night had been a little inspired by those earlier musings. Now I was seriously thinking about making love outdoors, and my husband was going to be the beneficiary again. Wel...
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My author takeover at Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

My author takeover at Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom I really struggle with negative reviews. There is no getting around it; they are depressing. Recently I received this review, titled ZERO STARS, for one of my stories, The Laundromat.

This is smut, trash that shouldn't even be sold in porn shops! I am not a prude, I love the 50 Shades and Crossfire series BUT THIS IS NOT A EROTIC ROMANCE! I wish I could wash this story out of my brain! I would give it zero stars but Amazon requires that I give it a star rating. Shame on Amazon for recommending this!

Well, when you get a review like that, complete with ungrammatical all caps, you know you really have upset someone ... [read on]
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