Extract from work-in-progress: Kate Gets Marks sequel


Here are nearly 1000 words from the middle of my work-in-progress to date.

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I began to wonder if I might have developed a little bit of a compulsion. My fantasies used to be pure make-believe. They were what they were meant to be; fictional creations of my mind intended only for my entertainment or to pass the time. Now it seemed when I had a fantasy that before too long I would end up acting out some of its key elements.

I hoped this wasn’t being disrespectful, but the two Marks had become a little interchangeable for me too as I swapped between imagination and reality. Yesterday I had fantasised about making love with Mark Two in a park. Some of what transpired between my husband and I last night had been a little inspired by those earlier musings. Now I was seriously thinking about making love outdoors, and my husband was going to be the beneficiary again. Well, if Mark Two ever came to his senses then it might work the other way around for him too.

We chatted about a few matters happening later in the week for the children, not because we were avoiding anything. We needed to organise the parenting responsibilities so we could move onto our couple issues. Once we cleared up the arrangements for dance classes and so on Mark swept me up into his arms.

I liked it. I always had, as long as he didn’t grab my breasts as his first move. The number of times I had to push his groping hands away was beyond count. Not tonight though, he was on best behaviour.

He kissed me how I like to be kissed. My neck. Behind my ear. Each eyelid. My forehead.

Everywhere his lips brushed and painted my skin sent another part of me fluttering with desire. I parted my legs, for once hoping he would ever so gently cup me there with his hand, his finger lightly pressing at my moist parting. He did not. I squirmed even more.

Unable to stand his nibbling kisses any more I pushed his shoulder back so I could look at him. I wanted to watch the reaction on his face to my suggestion. “Darling, that is lovely. I was wondering, would you be interested in making love to me outside? We did that a lot when we were first together. What do you think?”

He looked at me, smiling. Instead of speaking he pushed himself upwards into a tall kneeling position so I could see how ready he was for me. For a second I thought about changing my mind. I even began telling him to fuck me right here, right now, not wanting to lose the moment. Laughing, he shushed me with a gentle touch to my lips. “More wicked thoughts Kate? What did you have in mind exactly?”

“Honey, I want you to take me by the hand and to walk me out to the outdoor table. I am going to lie back on that table and you are going to stand there between my legs. Does that sound doable?”

It didn’t take us long to get caught up in the thrill of being adventurous and a little bit naughty. The table was at the exact right height. Even though it was dark twilight rather than bright sunlight, the manner of our pleasure in the warm air with the hard surface beneath me took me back to my fancies of yesterday. Once more, what was happening to me for real blurred with those recent imaginings.

The thrill of being discovered was a big part of the excitement. The voices of people calling out to one another sounded out over our stifled laughing and moaning. The house next door was rented out to our usually quiet Chinese student neighbours. Their driveway and backdoor steps were only metres away from where I lay with my legs up in the air, my husband moving between them. The voices didn’t sound like they belonged to them, perhaps meaning we weren’t being watched. That was probably good.

The voices calling out were from further away, like the sounds of people climbing up the zigzagging path to the top of the hill where I took Mark Two in my fantasy. Now sweat wasn’t only sliding down my body to dampen the table’s oil-stained jarrah. It also ran from my body onto smooth hard rock supporting my back as my lover fucked me on that hill. I opened my eyes and there he stood looking at me smiling as we both started to come.

I thrashed around and when I was able to see clearly again it was my dear husband still inside me, breathing hard and kissing me as he leant forward to rest. When he could talk again he looked at me knowingly. “You really like him don’t you.” He was not asking me a question. I pushed him back gently and swung myself up to stand and kiss him, still throbbing inside from our wonderful fuck.

“I do, but he says he doesn’t want to see me. He emailed me. Said my being married made it too hard for him to see me. I thought he was okay with you being number one in my life, but he has changed his mind. None of this is easy is it?” I shook. Then I cried.

Mark picked up our robes from the table and then guided me towards the door. “Let’s go inside and talk about this more. We need to fix this.”

I could not believe my ears.

(c) copyright 2014 Ronnie Strong

My author takeover at Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

My author takeover at Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

I really struggle with negative reviews. There is no getting around it; they are depressing. Recently I received this review, titled ZERO STARS, for one of my stories, The Laundromat.

This is smut, trash that shouldn’t even be sold in porn shops! I am not a prude, I love the 50 Shades and Crossfire series BUT THIS IS NOT A EROTIC ROMANCE! I wish I could wash this story out of my brain! I would give it zero stars but Amazon requires that I give it a star rating. Shame on Amazon for recommending this!

Well, when you get a review like that, complete with ungrammatical all caps, you know you really have upset someone … [read on]

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Relaxed Reads having a look at Kate Gets Marks and me

Relaxed Reads having a look at Kate Gets Marks and me

From Relaxed Reads:

‘Today on Relaxed Reads I have agreed to help promote author Ronnie F Strong and his book Kate Gets Marks; which I will be reviewing a little later. The goal for today is to give all you readers a glimpse of Kate Gets Marks and a chance to meet Ronnie if you don’t already know him. As well as the usual book blurb I have an excerpt picked by Ronnie, an author bio and a picture reveal of the man himself! Yes folks that’s right, Ronnie has remained pictureless to us readers until now. So to find out what Ronnie looks like you’ll have to keep reading!’