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on edge

-I waited for you- -On edge, wanting your taste, smell- -Smeared all over me- -haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong- by alenkasm – yayimages.com

would you

-Look me in the eye- -Would you bend down and let me= -strike your naked flesh?- by dolgachov – yayimages.com

take me

Wait on bended knee Toy thing, permission given Take me, play with me   photo copyright 2014, sakkmesterke – Fotolia  


Surrender makes free Shudder, glisten with delight Whimper with desire Photo, Copyright 2015 Olena Yakobchuk – Fotolia

whip and lick

Have you whip me hard Writhing, begging for mercy Then lick me better Photo, Copyright 2015 sakkmesterke – Fotolia  


Knowing youth wasted on the young, means someone old might try to steal it photo copyright 2013, Sean Nel  

Do you?

  Do you think she’s hot? I do; she has something, more than suggestion


hypnotic beauty swoon at her eyes, her make-up her feather caress


beautiful woman glorious and sensuous got my attention   Photo copyright 2014, Orlov Vadim – Fotolia

taste me

Let me put my hair Up, then I will straddle you and let you taste me


My wife fierce goddess Bright shining with inner light Love and life giving

on sleep – Haiku

Laying down to sleep World slides away, disappears Panic or submit? (photo by aleshin, links to Ronnie Strong at Pinterest)