This is post number 500 for me.

Thank you for your likes and comments. I am grateful for you taking the time to follow my work.

I have enjoyed the challenge of regularly posting haiku based on my stories, and will continue to do so, At some point soon, I will also get back to my mission, writing story length erotica. The fifth anniversary of the publication of The Laundromat ticked over recently. Kate Gets Marks is more recent. A new book of mine is overdue. In the meanwhile, as well as looking over my haiku, I hope you might check out these novels and the short story Dolphin Heat.

Ronnie Strong

by Wavebreakmediayayimages.com

Relaxed Reads having a look at Kate Gets Marks and me

Relaxed Reads having a look at Kate Gets Marks and me

From Relaxed Reads:

‘Today on Relaxed Reads I have agreed to help promote author Ronnie F Strong and his book Kate Gets Marks; which I will be reviewing a little later. The goal for today is to give all you readers a glimpse of Kate Gets Marks and a chance to meet Ronnie if you don’t already know him. As well as the usual book blurb I have an excerpt picked by Ronnie, an author bio and a picture reveal of the man himself! Yes folks that’s right, Ronnie has remained pictureless to us readers until now. So to find out what Ronnie looks like you’ll have to keep reading!’