Tag: erotica


wearing pleasing things – a costume for pleasuring – is its own pleasure


a short interlude – first happy contemplation – then the thumping heart

Sex and Other Truths, p. 68

lying all crumpled – unmoving from where we loved – one last parting look

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku #11

burning with a bright heat – soothe me, wash away the flames – quell this hot desire


seeing you like this – all warm and gooey inside – hardens my resolve


takes some discipline -when I get your go-ahead – measuring each spank 


curious effect -as your smile lights up the room -darkness disappears

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku #13

a river siren – calling. I dived down with her – drowning me in love

Sex and Other Truths, p. 42

this new life of mine –
started with your gift of love –
pouring over me


whatever happens – never forget this moment – when I first had you


know you wanted this – me powerless to resist – well works for me too


I need to see you now –
have a thing we need to do –
please come right over