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one day

always thought we would catch up one day and forgive robbed at your graveside


only one answer yes, we both want the same thing no stopping us now


found your happy place flowing with goddess glory reigning on my throne


nothing stays the same

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku preview, narrated by Ronnie Strong

letting it all go – under the hot summer sun – as I melt away


wearing pleasing things – a costume for pleasuring – is its own pleasure


a short interlude – first happy contemplation – then the thumping heart

Sex and Other Truths, p. 68

lying all crumpled – unmoving from where we loved – one last parting look

Dolphin Heat Tamed haiku #11

burning with a bright heat – soothe me, wash away the flames – quell this hot desire


seeing you like this – all warm and gooey inside – hardens my resolve


takes some discipline -when I get your go-ahead – measuring each spank 


curious effect -as your smile lights up the room -darkness disappears