Kate Gets Marks extract: chapter 3, start

3. Preparing

The two weeks I had to wait before I could finally meet with Mark Two after work went quickly enough. Husband Mark had plenty of warning and seemed completely unconcerned, despite his knowing how much I was lusting, and what it was that I wanted. I didn’t really understand his attitude to my desires, but whenever I asked him why he wasn’t worried for us he said he trusted in our love.

Jane, my best friend at work, was thrilled that I was finally going to go out with Mark Two, whom she had known for twenty years. She was adamant that I should fuck him. Over the last few months, I had told her about my growing lust and she thought we would be good for each other. I didn’t have to ask her if they were ever lovers; she would have told me all about it by now.

The people closest to me seemed to think that I should have sex with Mark Two, yet I still wondered if it were the wisest thing to do. I already had enough complications in my life without adding more drama. I already got all the sex I wanted; my husband loved making sure that I wasn’t missing out. On the other hand, the idea of deep intimacy with Mark Two was an incredibly exhilarating idea. I was fairly certain I would not be having sex with him tonight; although for me now it was only a matter of preparing for the right time and place. How else could I resolve the strong yearnings that kept overwhelming me? I was way past the point where pretending these feelings weren’t real was going to work. I couldn’t just forget about how I felt either.

I looked at my darling husband in the mirror and wondered if he somehow sensed these changes in me before I had become fully conscious of them. He was watching me get dressed for work with his most impish grin on his face. I was going straight from work to my night out with Mark Two, so I was really getting dressed for that. I spun around and let my husband fully take in the lovely outfit I had just put on. He wanted to grope me of course, and I indulged him just a little before saying goodbye to the kids and rushing out the door to catch the bus. I needed to get to the office quickly so that I could leave before five and meet up with Mark Two at the bar near his building while it was still early. Our date, to use the term a little loosely, was going to finish at seven-thirty as he was helping out his brother afterwards. While this possibly wasn’t ideal for my purposes it was either meet tonight or wait another week. I needed to see him without any further delay, especially as I had cancelled our last two arrangements.

My working day went quickly, with many phone calls and follow-up details to keep me busy. Now I was looking in the mirror and preparing myself in the bathroom on my floor. It took me a moment to realise I was applying make-up, a rare thing for me. I got my long brown hair styled earlier in the week and now I watched myself tying it up in a simple bun, going for demure again. My eyes were wide open and bright with excitement. I looked pretty damn good for a middle-aged mother of two. As I studied myself on the outside I also did a little mental-state inventory and noted I hadn’t been nervous for even one moment during the day. I was ready to go and do some serious flirting, if not more.

When I left the bathroom Jane bumped into me, having made it her business to grace me with a final lewd comment. She stood back from me, and looked me up and down in my black pleated skirt, low cut top, heels and stockings. I laughed aloud when she wolf-whistled before speaking. “Darling Kate, you are giving out only one message looking so hot like that and Mark will know as soon as he sees you!” She looked me up and down once again before rushing on to share her views on my appearance with me. “You know what your clothes are saying loud and clear? I want to fuck you! That is what you are saying to him dressing up like that for him honey, and he will get the message loud and clear. What happens next will be up to you; he won’t dare resist!” Then she rushed over with a wicked smile and hugged me. “I am so proud of you Mrs Prim Straight-Laced.”

I was a little taken aback because I thought I was looking smart and sexy rather than racy. I could only laugh at her mischievous opinions, and backhanded compliment. No doubt, she was winding me up a little as her way of sharing in the occasion. Well, I wanted to look hot, and I knew that I had succeeded; so she was right about that. Her other observations were funny, so I just laughed again and kissed her good bye. “Tell me all about it tomorrow,” she sang out after me as I got into the lift. “Not likely,” I replied as the lift doors closed. I was now officially on my way to my first date as an attractive enough, possibly adulterous, definitely confused, married woman. Anything seemed possible.

As I pushed through busy Puckle Street to get to the train I felt different to my usual self, even a little wild. I became increasingly aroused and wanted men to look at me and lust after me, especially the handsome ones. The evening sun was still shining brightly and all my senses were elevated. My nipples were ruby hard and I could feel them poking through my sexy lacy bra, disconcertingly obvious through the thin fabric of my low-cut top. The brash suggestiveness of my breasts in this moment was like nothing I had felt before, or at least for a very long time. With each step and sway of my behind, a silent roar of stimulation washed over me from the little kisses of arousal springing from my vulva, amplified by the gentle torment of my breasts as they swished and beckoned. My whole body was telling me I felt attractive, ready and prepared for anything.

Kate Gets Marks extract: the rest of chapter two

Despite my own conclusions, I really needed a careful response from my husband to help me stop feeling so overwhelmed. He had no way of knowing what was going on in my head, but he could see that I was overwrought, and spoke gently. “Honey, I love you very much, and if you really want to fuck with Mark, then I think you should do it.” He paused for a moment, like he was carefully choosing his words, then he smiled and continued. “I don’t think it would be fair of me to hold you to being only mine, like you were somehow my property. You are very sexy and very hot and I love that, and everything else about you. I am not worried that you will run out of love for me.”

He paused to gauge my reaction to what he had said so far. For some reason, which I didn’t really understand, I wasn’t in the mood for making it any easier on him, and I gave him nothing. He would just have to say what he wanted to say, and get it right, without any clues from me. Seeing that he wasn’t going to get any help from me, he continued. “If you feel a passionate desire to be with him then you probably need to go with it. Just keep talking to me about what is going on for you so I know you aren’t going behind my back.” It seemed he was now finished because he gave me a funny looking smile.

It was a good try. My heart wanted to melt, because I could see these words were hard for him to say. Sadly though, all the confusion I felt from everything I was thinking and imagining ran right over my compassion. “Hmm, so you think I want to fuck Mark, and because you think I want to fuck Mark you think I just should. What if I wanted to fuck every man at work? What if I wanted to fuck the postman! Would that be okay with you too?”

I wasn’t sure why I was getting so angry with Mark, but it was hard to stop now that I had got going. Fortunately, instead of yelling back at me, Mark gently put his arms around me and held me close. Then he kissed me sweetly behind my ear and down my neck. It was a very loving gesture. I was also grateful that he didn’t try and grope me like he often did when I really needed to be properly held and hugged. It felt to me like he was trying very hard to be a loving husband, and that could only be good, but I wasn’t done with yelling at him yet. “You think I am like you and want to fuck every attractive person I see? You think I am suddenly crazy about sex, just because I told you that I feel a bit attracted to Mark?”

My husband kept holding me firmly and began stroking my head gently, in the way that he knew I found soothing. Then he spoke softly in my ear. “Darling Kate, I love you. Please don’t be angry about how you are feeling. Answer this question: do you want to fuck the postman?” I had calmed down a lot and looked at him through slowly welling tears and shook my head no.

“Do you want to fuck all the men at work?” I wiped my eyes, and gave him the most serious look I could manage before answering. “Not all at once; perhaps in groups of five.” We both laughed; then he asked the question that I was half dreading. “Do you want to fuck Mark?”

I smiled, kissed him, and began to really start crying. Mark just kept stroking my hair and after a minute or so I could look him in the eye again and nod my head yes. He replied immediately, his tone soothing. “It’s alright darling. If that’s what you need to do, you can do that. Everything will be okay — we will be okay — and you will know something more about yourself. That can only be good.”

I couldn’t say anything so I just kissed him. Although I no longer felt aroused I wanted to fuck my husband to let him know I still loved him, but he was already getting dressed for the day. I realised that it was actually quite late for us, and so joined him in the business of getting ready for work. It had been a tumultuous start to the day; after making this decision what was now different and what was normal? I wasn’t sure if I wanted things to speed up or slow down, it was all very confusing.