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-You take the first step- -The next follow. Then realise.- -This could be trouble- haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by Andersonrise – yayimages.com


-some dreams don’t come true- -there we both swam forever- -now I awaken- haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by maximkabb – yayimages.com


-I dangle and drape- -Myself, for my own pleasure- -You come for the ride- haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by phovoir – yayimages.com


-lying all crumpled- -unmoving from where we loved- -one last parting look-   haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by dolgachov – yayimages.com

that look between two people

We all know that feeling you get. The recognition of an urgent feeling you weren’t necessarily expecting. Lust. It can happen at the beach, on a stairway or at a supermarket. Anywhere. You might be in a committed relationship or not. Does not matter. It happens.That moment you look at someone and feel the strong flood of attraction. They could be the love of your life but … Read More that look between two people

on sleep – Haiku

Laying down to sleep World slides away, disappears Panic or submit? (photo by aleshin, links to Ronnie Strong at Pinterest)

Stories for telling

self preservation

Rise disappointment Eros lost fades to nothing Hollow empty space