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across the universe

Fuck me to the moon No, across the universe Beyond time and space

on ethical non-monogamy

This is what taking a ride on a train does for me: haiku Planning your journey No information prepares Arrival surprise

Extract from work-in-progress: Kate Gets Marks sequel

Here are nearly 1000 words from the middle of my work-in-progress to date. If you would like to help me out by doing some beta reading please get in touch. Your comments below also very welcome I began to wonder if I might have developed a little bit of a compulsion. My fantasies used to be pure make-believe. They were what they were meant … Read More Extract from work-in-progress: Kate Gets Marks sequel

that look between two people

We all know that feeling you get. The recognition of an urgent feeling you weren’t necessarily expecting. Lust. It can happen at the beach, on a stairway or at a supermarket. Anywhere. You might be in a committed relationship or not. Does not matter. It happens.That moment you look at someone and feel the strong flood of attraction. They could be the love of your life but … Read More that look between two people

Quick and dirty haiku

Our liquids mingle Where our solid bodies join Both hard and yielding I am currently writing the sequel to Kate Gets Marks and got a little distracted by the idea of writing a flash haiku. Five minutes later.


Heads close on pillow Talk together, more later Slowly words heal hearts