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-opening movement- -your thumb and fingers whirling- -as you strum me there-   haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by blanaru – yayimages.com


  Oh to be in love And never fall out again Kate Bush got it right   haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by moodboard – yayimages.com


Kiss me, hold me close Keep me coming and going Pleading more, More, MORE haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie Strong Billy Idol, thank you photo copyright 2013 konradbak – Fotolia originally published on The Laundromat page: www.facebook.com/thelaundromatinc  

meaningless wonderful coincidences – synchronicity

I was on a long drive coming back from a relative’s funeral on the NSW North Coast last Saturday. On the drive I had one of those weird experiences that you think should mean something, but does not. I was cruising down the Hume Freeway at high speed listening to cool loud music on my iPod connected to the car’s sound system. I skipped … Read More meaningless wonderful coincidences – synchronicity