meaningless wonderful coincidences – synchronicity

I was on a long drive coming back from a relative’s funeral on the NSW North Coast last Saturday. On the drive I had one of those weird experiences that you think should mean something, but does not.
I was cruising down the Hume Freeway at high speed listening to cool loud music on my iPod connected to the car’s sound system. I skipped a few less appealing tracks as I approached a truck, settling on a track just as I drew up behind a truck. I recognised the song as Suzanne Vega and looked down at the track title to confirm. The car stereo was saying LUKA. I looked up at the back of the track and straight at the letters LUCER printed on its rear. Look at that I said to my daughter sitting next to me pointing at the track title and then the letters on the truck. That is weird we said to one another, then I overtook the truck.