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-beauty everywhere- -our home, fecund pristine world- -nature true ruler- haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong licenced image by AleksandrN – yayimages.com


-Having gone this far- -show me what you have in mind- -then suck it and see-   haiku copyright 2017 Ronnie F Strong licensed image by alenkasm – yayimages.com


Back in Natimuk New eyes, old place, memories A past life behind


Knowing youth wasted on the young, means someone old might try to steal it photo copyright 2013, Sean Nel  

Do you?

  Do you think she’s hot? I do; she has something, more than suggestion


switch, strike sweet flesh hard coiled leather smites, weep and bleed give yourself to me

my other side

What would it take you To notice my other side Pure aching desire

Drown me

Climb on top of me Thrust yourself down, smother me Drown me with your cunt

KIss haiku for P.

lips in locked delight you are tingling as I melt sweet embrace stops time Since I opened a small business six months ago I have not had much time for writing or anything else. It is wonderful to have a new start in life. It is nice to be back here for a fleeting visit. I will be back as soon as time permits.

Thinking of holidays

Remembering painting Kate’s toenails and going for a walk. Good times.

bite me

  A problem to share Different itch needs scratching Are you in with me?