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Move your head down me Reach inside, feast upon me Flowing over you   Camille Henrot – Bronze, at Sydney Biennale http://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/20bos/    


falling water stills watch, thoughts fall silent, wonder smaller now, breathe, smile


  at the laundromat beautiful down barrel stare transfixed by her gaze

Thinking of holidays

Remembering painting Kate’s toenails and going for a walk. Good times.


Spread your bared boughs wide In silhouette on blue sky Past grey reflection

Rain brings out the white-eyed haiku

Busy in drizzle Feast white-eyed honey eater Hungry in the rain White-eyed Honeyeater – Phylidonyris novaehollandiae Top photo taken in Ronnie’s backyard in December 2008. Lower photo taken a few days ago in front yard. Seems to have grown stronger and found a mate as there were two this time, which is reassuring for all of us who may seem bedraggled or white-eyed at times.  

2.00 am haiku

Last night I was woken by a dream with an accompanying nearly fully formed haiku in my head. I had to wake up properly and write it down. One thought led to another and I found myself having to compose another. Because these first thoughts were a little dark I reminded myself that my day job is writing erotica leading to a third piece. … Read More 2.00 am haiku

self preservation

Rise disappointment Eros lost fades to nothing Hollow empty space


Heads close on pillow Talk together, more later Slowly words heal hearts


        Two flowers stand tall Hanging Hoya pendulous Succulent display   


I am currently on retreat, writing the sequel to Kate Gets Marks. Only problem is I have been a bit distracted by photography . Haiku: I found Willow trees In Ballarat the sun shone On a lovely day

Australian Artificial Eye Services

one of my favorite buildings, Ruckers Hill, High St, Northcote