Rain brings out the white-eyed haiku

Busy in drizzle

Feast white-eyed honey eater

Hungry in the rain


White-eyed Honeyeater – Phylidonyris novaehollandiae

Top photo taken in Ronnie’s backyard in December 2008.

Lower photo taken a few days ago in front yard.

Seems to have grown stronger and found a mate as there were two this time,

which is reassuring for all of us who may seem bedraggled or white-eyed at times.


2.00 am haiku

Last night I was woken by a dream with an accompanying nearly fully formed haiku in my head.

I had to wake up properly and write it down.

One thought led to another and I found myself having to compose another.

Because these first thoughts were a little dark I reminded myself that my day job is writing erotica leading to a third piece.

Here are the first and last.



The dead whispering

How their life sadly ended

Have no sympathy



Inviting soft mound

A wet quivering flower

Holding me tightly