Sex and other truths

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A collection of Ronnie Strong’s most liked haiku on the themes of desire, love and life. This is a selection of erotic and poignant poems for sensual adults. These haiku examine the moods, thoughts and feelings aroused by our erotic nature. Ronnie invites you to join in this investigation, alone or in in the company of someone close to you.

New cover for The Laundromat

Thanks to The Cover Collection I now have a wonderful new cover for The Laundromat. I really liked the original image and had not planned on changing it. Last week I clicked on a tweet link and came across this striking image. I knew at once I had to have it for my story. The bubbles are stars and the shining light is the thread of cosmic pleasure that Petra rides across the universe. That is what it says to me anyway.

Tell me what you think. LAUNDROMAT FB-1200width

2.00 am haiku

Last night I was woken by a dream with an accompanying nearly fully formed haiku in my head.

I had to wake up properly and write it down.

One thought led to another and I found myself having to compose another.

Because these first thoughts were a little dark I reminded myself that my day job is writing erotica leading to a third piece.

Here are the first and last.



The dead whispering

How their life sadly ended

Have no sympathy



Inviting soft mound

A wet quivering flower

Holding me tightly