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-such a strong impulse- -to bend you over and strike- -your fate in my hands-   haiku copyright 2016 Ronnie F Strong The Laundromat licensed image by moodboard – yayimages.com


  -See washing machines?- -I do not. I see handcuffs- -to keep you ready –   by ventdusud – yayimages.com


  at the laundromat beautiful down barrel stare transfixed by her gaze

New cover for The Laundromat

Thanks to The Cover Collection I now have a wonderful new cover for The Laundromat. I really liked the original image and had not planned on changing it. Last week I clicked on a tweet link and came across this striking image. I knew at once I had to have it for my story. The bubbles are stars and the shining light is the thread … Read More New cover for The Laundromat

Best 2 star review of The Laundromat

Just found this short 2-star review of The Laundromat at GoodReads. I’m not really on to this kind of concept of the story. For me the explicit scenes are too much. I can’t relate that much to the story.  The writing style of the author is good.. It’s just that my only issue is the concept of the story. Thank you for expressing your … Read More Best 2 star review of The Laundromat

The Laundromat in paperback

Well it is done. The paperback edition of The Laundromat is now available. This was a salutary exercise for me. First I discovered my error in uploading a draft version which then forced me to review my original erotica publication. I am grateful for that opportunity because now my written words better match with my original intention. I wanted to write something good and … Read More The Laundromat in paperback