Writing tips


Writers have good advice for other writers. Everyone has an opinion or a favourite quote on how writers should write. This is one of my favourites.

Literature is strewn with the wreckage of men who have minded beyond reason the opinions of others. —Virginia Woolf

My advice to new writers is to listen to all the advice that you can. then find your own way. Writing is a form of labour and you need to find the work practices that work for you.

Having said that writing is a craft too and you need to cover off the basics. Erotica needs to be well written or it gets in the way of the reader’s enjoyment. You will annoy them instead of entertaining,

Authors are writing words that will appear on the page of a book, even if that page is a representation on a screen. This means you need to do a little bit of thinking about the way your words appear on a page. These are all the structural parts of writing: fonts, sentences, paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points, headings and so on. (Some of these parts are more relevant to non-fiction writing than writing erotica.) Then there is front matter and end matter and all the other elements of book production.

It is essential for indie authors and publishers to be versed in these elements of writing and book production. It will reduce later editing that you will have to do anyway or pay someone else to do. This preparation also helps prevent damage to your author brand through the release of a book that does not meet the basic standards for publication.

If you are an Australian author, I recommend that you become very familiar with the Style Manual (make sure it is the 6th Edition). You can get it at Booktopia and other book stores.

Style Manual : For Authors, Editors and Printers 6th Edition - Dcita