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Welcome to the blog home of Ronnie Strong, author and publisher of fine erotic ebooks: Kate Gets MarksDolphin Heat; and The Laundromat.

You can find information about Ronnie and his books on the different pages here.
You will also find links to popular ebook stores where you can read large samples of Ronnie’s stories for free. If you like what you read you can purchase your own full
copy in all popular eBook formats. If you want to start reading Ronnie Strong’s books straight away you can also download a large PDF sample found on each book page.

Ronnie writes explicit erotic stories, dealing with many contemporary issues, written for sensual women and men. The content of this blog and the ebooks are not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen years of age. The books and this website are also not suitable for people of any age who do not like reading graphic descriptions of sexual activity.

The Laundromat is Ronnie’s first published work People who read The Laundromat say they will never be able go past a laundromat again without wondering what might be going on inside. Similarly, people who read Dolphin Heat say they will never be able to look at dolphins in the same way again. Ronnie’s latest work, Kate Gets Marks, is a fictional true-life story. People who know Kate and have read the story want to know how much is real. Her usual answer is to smile and blush.




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author of fine erotica